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Photo policy

On this page, you will find the guidelines regarding the use of photos at Nike Kids Camp: 

  • Photos and videos are captured during the sports camps and activities organized by Sportivun. These images are taken by present supervisors or professional photographers.
  • We engage in photography and videography as we derive immense joy from witnessing the participants’ enjoyment. Additionally, we have observed that parents value and appreciate this visual documentation. A curated selection of these photos and videos is shared with Nike and may be disseminated on Nike’s internal channels, as well as on the Sportivun website upon registration for Nike Kids Camps. 
  • Enrolling in a Sportivun sports camp or activity implies that the participant, by checking the relevant checkbox, grants consent for Sportivun to capture photos and/or videos featuring the participant. No compensation is provided for this.
  • If, during registration (in the comments field) or after registration (but prior to the activity), the participant expresses a preference not to appear in photos and videos, Sportivun will accommodate this request.
  • Should, nevertheless, a participant who has expressed a preference not to appear in visual content be featured in a photo or video, or if there are objections for any other reason to the published visual material, such concerns can be raised. The respective images will then be removed within three working days.
  • Under no circumstances will visual content featuring children in vulnerable positions be disseminated. Furthermore, no photos or videos are taken during swimming activities or other activities where children are in swimwear.

For any questions or comments, please reach out to our staff by contacting us (informatie@sportivun.nl).

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